ENG-355 | Native American Literature

Theme – Assertive Reflections: “Yellow Woman” by Leslie Marmon Silko

After a good read, the story by Leslie Marmon Silko remains filled with informative manifestations about the region of the west. The text is in a standard paragraph format with quotes to follow their personalities. As the story continues, the author seems to guide the reader with logical commands and inquires that are featured through each character in this short story. Ideally, the story is a blend of Anglo-Saxon and Native American folklore.

For example:

– The plan or theme of the protagonist and antagonist remaining in the same arena the entire time during the story, as their levels of fear appear in contrast of each other’s personality; the man attempts to remind the female that she is the “Yellow Woman.”


– Their levels of happiness together seems low. Altogether, this story can represent how the scenery of nature can affect scenes. However, the character’s actions remain the same, compared to people’s behaviors and needs. For the most part, the “Yellow Woman” is portrayed as a feisty woman with apprehensive challenges along with her image of alpha male who she set out to be with during this particular journey, which challenges both of those characters’ traits during their moments of survival while together in the wilderness.

Video: Interview with Silko, the Author of “Yellow Woman” (YouTube) (Courtesy of Mau M)

Image (above): Silko, the Author of “Yellow Woman”


Teacher’s Instruction

  1. Comment on character strength in leadership, compassion, and strength.
  2. Suggested presentation: “Decide how to find the antagonist with a plot.”
  3. Explain the theme as a metaphor to interaction involvement which requires these three human factors: (a) Responsiveness, (b) Perceptiveness, (c) Attentiveness.

Student Assignment

After reading text for its qualities of good writing, how do you feel about the following:

  1. originality
  2. coherence
  3. clarity
  4. precision
  5. persuasiveness
  6. voice

Copyright: aleq1463 / 123RF Stock Photo

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