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How to Teach ‘Discourse’ to High School Student Authors and Writers

  1. What theme would you emphasize from this selection of readings?

For this assignment, I labeled the major theme as “a motive to discourse.” Ideally, this type of motive/discourse relates to waking up in a mood; whoever, the supernatural strengths of the untouchable realm of reality tend to persuade you to recognize and uncontrollably accept a certain perception that moves into a strong enough contribute to your own new motive.  The theme topic is discourse…

Typing reality through language

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  1. For your readers, who are teachers, how would you use this theme to teach this topic to high school students?

Carefully, high school pupils are ready to go to work in the near future and may be considering how to understand and comprehend the challenges of weaning themselves out of the family’s basket of debt accumulation, due to the parents taking care of their dependents. Conversely, the studies show an immediate discourse towards to the remaining responsibility by leaving the family home in order to go to work. Here is an example using Kafka’s piece “Metamorphosis:”

17865270 - a little boy sitting at a table with books and something draws
“What an exhausting profession I’ve chosen…”

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“What an exhausting profession I’ve chosen. Day in and day out on the road…” Kafka’s writing continues to persuade the reader, which is intentional, to understand, possibly, the procrastination to continue to become independent from the family’s problems by assisting to complete a long-standing transaction that has the ability to freeze the family while jeopardizing the true release from being a child and growing into a true inheritor of the family’s wealth.

Growing from a child into an inheritor

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Moreover, both examples relate to an immediate cause for discourse (i.e., a disorienting mentality). In relation, (according to sources) the opposite of empowering a self-actualization (through effective employment) adversely affects your stable income, time structure, purposefulness, social connectedness, and information about personal identity (Sek-yum Ngai, Cheung, Yuan, Lin, 2016).

Finally, in contrast, Mathew 6:27 applies another effective method to withstand damaging your own natural enhancement abilities. It says “…Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

  1. What elements of popular culture could you use to engage the students on the theme?

In order to catch the new, popular culture, the audience has to be addressed as the deserving to understand the authors, their history, while their content is meant to teach readers and properly guide them along to help readers understand the main idea or topic. Ultimately, highlight text and segments that inspire creativity in young-age workers and/or students whom are ready to move on to the next level of post-secondary education.

Teacher’s Objective

Ensure to emphasize this list to the students:

  1. Originality
  2. Coherence
  3. Clarity
  4. Precision
  5. Persuasiveness
  6. Voicersz_screencapture-mindmeister-875846558-1491164420709


Student’s Task

  1. Describe how you began writing during your high school days.


Ngai, Steven Sek-yum, Chau-kiu, Yuan, Rui, Lin, Shen (August 2016). Work  Motivation of Unemployed Youths:
Moderating Effects of Financial Dependence on Parents”. Children and Youth

Services Review 71 (p 157 – 165)

Smith, “The Popular Culture Zone” (2009). Writing About Literature, (ch. 8, ). Wadworth

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