ENG-355 | Contemporary Eastern Literature

Theme: Identity (Virtue) – This is a Start… Get the Message?

69073176 - anonymous man in black sack on head standing in office1. This week’s theme belongs to identity. Choosing one’s true ‘identity’ is a part of the Confucius belief system. And also the virtue: virtue is the showing of high moral standards; (Christian angelology) the seventh highest order of the ‘nine fold celestial hierarchy.’

2. Particularly, identity objectives entail attaining the desired image the person wants to communicate. For example, in the readings the antagonists seems to bring remembrance to wanting to be seen as a concerned individual; relate to help and preparation.

 Example: “…I strove to simplify my routes, avoiding places that would be hard to explain, even if I was just passing by … An upright. Simple, extremely religious, and highly disciplined college classmate of mine died in a fire at a well-known sex sauna … neatly dressed, dead of asphyxiation …what exactly was the good fellow, our classmate, doing there? We could not ask, and she could not answer….” – “Diary of a Dead Man” – Lu Xun
“Diary of a Dead Man”Image Copyright (above):

Image Copyright (above): https://www.123rf.com/profile_gloffs

  1. Conversely, moments tend to pass while procrastination takes place. As a result, arbitrating about safety, leadership, and construal (as a state of comprehending a norm) becomes compromised. However, the text in “Diary of a Madman” reminds the audience about the tidbits of information that exhibit an attempt to be prepared the consciousness of [living] conditions.

To Assist Teachers: Teacher’s Instruction

  1. Create an assignment which instructs the student to find identity in the readings and in within Confucius writings.

Student Assignment

  1. List what is important to cultural identity?
  2. What can students bring that adds to their individual identity?

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